You can configure these options by clicking on the My Account link at the top right of the Attracta dashboard, and then the Settings link at the left. Then, scroll down to Crawler Options. These options allow you to prevent our automated crawlers from looking at certain parts of your site when they create your sitemap. 

If you want to block a specific page from being added to your sitemap, select 'Block Crawl Path' and enter the page you wish to be ignored. For example, if you wish to block the page from being crawled, add /wp-login.php to the Value field and click the Add button.

If you wish to block a whole directory, select 'Block Crawl Path' and enter the name of the directory. For example, if you want to block, enter /category/* to make sure everything in that directory is blocked.

You can use the wildcard character '*' to set up matching. For example, if you are running wordpress and wanted to block a URL with additional variables like, you can use /wp-login.php* to block any links to wp-login.php that use URL variables.

If you need more information or assistance with customizing your sitemap, feel free to contact our support team by using the Contact Attracta Support button at the bottom right of this page.