cPanel 54 makes major changes to the way that plugins like Attracta are integrated, and it unfortunately breaks any legacy plugins including Attracta and others. cPanel identified this and helped us to craft a new version, which was released in December (well in advance of cPanel 54's release) to prevent this error from occurring. The most recent version of the Attracta plugin, 2.52, fully supports cPanel 54 as well as all previous versions - the plugin's cronjob should have auto-updated the plugin by now, but if the cronjob was disabled or auto updates of Attracta are turned off, we recommend that you simply update manually. Once updated to 2.52, the Attracta plugin will work as expected. We also suggest that you test any other 3rd party plugins (software installers and the like), as they will all need to be updated to support cPanel 54.

The new plugin can be manually installed by issuing the commands below as root:

wget -N;sh cpanel-install

Once the plugin has been installed the SEO Tools icons will once again bring your customers to their Attracta dashboards. If you have any additional questions or issues with the installation, please let me know and I would be happy to assist you.